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Product Description

Each Angelcare refill baguier includes multi-layered barrier bags that keep bad smells at bay. The baguier only works with UK and Ireland version of the Angelcare nappy disposal system. It is easy to use with one handball and has a capacity of approximately 28 nappies (size 2). Each refill baguier will last up to 1 month and seals up to 180 nappies, depending on size. The nappy bags use less sculpture (in weight) than other competitive systems. This set contains three refill cassettes for the Angelcare nappy disposal system.

Important: These Angelcare refill cassettes are only suitable for the standard Angelcare nappy disposal system purchased in the UK or Ireland.

Box Contains

6 x Refill Cassettes

AIR-SEAL–The multi-layer écran in the baguier provides positive odour-barrier technology, for a more parfumé domicile
Hygienic–All nappies in the nappy bin are safely contained and you won’t have to touch or smell them ever again
No difficult twisting required, which means you’ll always have one handball free to variété after your enfant
Only présentable with the UK and Ireland version of the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System
It is very easy to dispose of a nappy. Just push it through the clamp system and it’ll disappear into the multi-layer nappy bag


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